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Fusion Tickets on Sale

The “Fusion: 4th Annual ArtWorks Gwinnett Awards” at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 2, 2015 at Aurora Theatre (128 East Pike Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30045) is a celebration of the contributions of artists, arts organizations, and citizens and companies who support the arts in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Tickets are on sale at this link.

The Fusion Awards ceremony will begin at 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30) with an amazing awards ceremony featuring talented performers from across Gwinnett. The Awards will be followed by a champagne reception in the lobby of the Theatre. There is free parking available in the Lawrenceville downtown parking deck on Crogan Street. Take the stairs or elevator on the back side of the parking deck to LEVEL 2B for Aurora Theatre Lobby access.

Fusion is the Gwinnett arts awards and a fundraiser for ArtWorks! Gwinnett. ArtWorks is the non-profit arts organization  that improves the economy and quality of life in Gwinnett County by promoting and strengthening the arts, and connecting artists and arts organizations with the broader community and with each other.

DRESS: Upscale Business or Cocktail

 TICKETING: This year, we are offering ticket, donation, and ticket/member/donation combo options. All sales are final (no refunds or exchanges).

 SPONSOR PACKAGES: Sponsorships up to $5,000, which include event tickets, are available. For information, call 678-474-1701 or email


Nominations are now open for Fusion 2015

ArtWorks Gwinnett will recognize the stellar contributions made in the arts in Gwinnett at the fourth annual FUSION: ArtWorks! Gwinnett Art Awards on Monday, February 2, 2015 at Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville.

ArtWorks Gwinnett is now seeking nominations to recognize the hard work of artists, arts organizations, arts educators, and corporate supporters of the arts. Nominations may be turned in online here:

Nominate an outstanding organization or individual for the 2015 Fusion Awards.

  • Awards, except for Lifetime Achievement, are given for efforts made between Dec. 1, 2013 to Dec. 1, 2014. Individuals who live or work in Gwinnett and organizations based in Gwinnett are eligible. All nominations will be judged by a panel of arts professionals from outside Gwinnett.
  • Please discuss, in the text box below, why you are nominating this person or organization for the category(ies) you specified. Discuss their role in the arts in Gwinnett and in the artistic field. Nominations cannot exceed 500 words. All nominations will be reviewed by our panel of judges from outside the county, so write as though the judges are not aware of your nominee. Awards will be announced at the ceremony of February 3 at the Aurora Theatre.

To complete your submission please follow directions to verify your entry.

  Nominations must be turned in by Monday, December 15, 2014.

With the exception of Lifetime Achievement, nominations should cover the period of time from December 1, 2013 to December 1, 2014, and the nominees must live in or work in Gwinnett County. All nominations will be judged by a panel of arts leaders from outside Gwinnett.

ArtWorks is seeking nominations or self-nominations in the following categories:

Lifetime Achievement Award: for an individual who has had a significant, multi-year impact on the arts in Gwinnett. (Last year’s winner: Caryn McGarity)

Vision Award: for an individual (or company) who has changed the arts in Gwinnett for the better through their vision and focus. (Last year’s winner: Nancy Harris)

Arts Educator of the Year: an outstanding arts educator. (Last year’s winner: Clayborn Knight)

Arts Volunteer of the Year: an outstanding arts volunteer. (Last year’s winner: Linda Murphy)

Corporate Arts Citizen – Individual: a member of the corporate community who has made a significant impact on the arts. (Last year’s winner: Lisa Anders)

Corporate Arts Citizen – Organization – a company in Gwinnett that has made a significant impact on the arts. (Last year’s winners: Peach State Federal Credit Union)

Community Impact – Community Partnership: a community partnership that has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year. (Last year’s winner: Barefoot in the Park)

Community Impact – Arts Leader: an arts leader who has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year. (Last year’s winner: Suwanee Public Arts Commission)

Community Impact – Community Arts Program: a community arts program that has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year. (Last year’s winners: Gwinnett County Public Library “Pulp Art” Exhibit)

Community Impact – Creative Business: a creative for-profit business that has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year. (Last year’s winner: Sign Creations)

Community Impact – Literary Artist: a literary artist who has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year. (Chanda Bell)

Community Impact – Performing Artist: a performing artist who has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year (Last year’s winner: Chuck Mason)

Community Impact – Visual Artist: a visual arts artist who has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year. (Last year’s winner: Sal Brownfield)

Community Impact – Visual Arts Organization: a visual arts nonprofit that has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year Last year’s winner: Barefoot in the Park)

Community Impact – Performing Arts Organization: a performing arts nonprofit that has made a significant impact in Gwinnett this past year. (Last year’s winner: Aurora Theatre)

Fusion 2015 tickets are now on sale, and can be purchased at

Paint a Door for Doors to Homes and Hope

Doors to Homes and Hope, an outdoor art exhibit from ArtWorks! Gwinnett and Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity will return in October with 150 doors, created by Gwinnett artists, exhibited in six municipalities in Gwinnett County.

And we can’t create amazing Doors without you! Register here to paint a Door. Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you more details. But doors will be available for painting beginning on August 1, and they must be completed and returned by September 5.

When you register, you will be able to select your top two choices on where you would like your door displayed. The choices are: Duluth, Gwinnett County (Bethesda Park, Lawrenceville), Norcross, Sugar Hill, or Suwanee. Locations will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

So whether you painted a door last year or you missed the opportunity, set aside August for some fun with Doors to Homes and Hope.

And if you didn’t get to see our wonderful award-winning video from last year’s Doors to Homes and Hope, you can watch it here. Enjoy!

“Off the Hook” Exhibit Organizer Suzanne Holtkamp

Through June 3oth, 2012 the public can take advantage of a rare opportunity to see approximately 200 handmade hook rugs ranging from traditional antique works to contemporary geometric compositions. The works include stunningly detailed portraits, compositions that tell family history and stories, and rugs that show the latest techniques and styles popular in rug hooking today. The Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center (GEHC) in Buford, Georgia and the Association of Traditional Hooking Artists (ATHA) Atlanta-Dogwood Chapter teamed up to make the exhibition possible. Coordinating an exhibition featuring 52 artists and accompanying education programs is an immense undertaking. Multi-talented Gwinnett resident and business woman Suzanne Holtkamp, a ATHA Atlanta-Dogwood Chapter member, rug hooker, and arts advocate stepped up to the task. We caught up with her to learn about her arts involvement and the exhibit.

“Off the Hook” Exhibit Coordinator, ATHA member, rug hooker, and arts advocate

Suzanne Holtkamp: I am an Air Force brat born in Homestead, FL and raised in Springfield, OH. I moved to the metro-Atlanta area after graduating from Virginia Tech and have been here for over 22 years. I have spent 18 of those years in Gwinnett.

Q: What are some of your early memories of being creative? How did you develop a passion for arts and crafts? What art forms and Gwinnett venues do you enjoy as an artist or audience member?

Suzanne: I have always dabbled in the fine arts but never really became a master of any. I guess I am a lover of “all things visual” whether that be architecture, a stunning garden, or an inspiring ballet. I agree with the Church in that beauty is rooted in truth and goodness. I pursue God by seeking all three (beauty, truth and goodness) with equal enthusiasm.

QWhat led you to become passionate about rug hooking as a form of artistic expression? Tell us about the works you made that are on view in the exhibition.

Suzanne: I began rug hooking after seeing it on a television show and seeking out any book I could find on the subject.  I was largely self-taught until I discovered the ATHA organization and the local Atlanta chapter.  All my previous art dabbling just came together as I learned how to custom dye my own fabrics and later how to dye using historical vegetable dye methods.  The whole process – from designing and planning a rug, dyeing the materials and finally hooking the piece – is a thrilling journey to me.  I had finally found “my” art!

“57 Chevy-Stephen M. Kianka” Original Design by Suzanne Holtkamp

The works in the exhibit I am most passionate about all relate to my family.  The first one is an original design of my dad’s ’57 Chevy.  He still owns this car and for the car’s “50th Anniversary” I designed and hooked a rug of the car with my dad’s clothing.  His awful polyester pants are the ground beneath the car and his faded denim jeans were used for the sky.

Two other rugs mark the 50th wedding anniversaries of my parents and my in-laws.  I used the wedding photo of each couple as the centerpiece of each respective rug and then filled the design with flowers representing each of their children.  Each rug is a storybook of 50 years of married life including my dad’s Air Force officer’s insignia, my mother-law’s love of quilting and my mom’s expertise with a needle and thread.

Q: What inspires you? What do you want to try next when it comes to rug hooking?

Suzanne: My family’s lives inspire me, the colors I see around me in nature, my faith and the faith of others, a kind act, a heroic stance, the tiny hands of a baby!  Genuine beauty is everywhere and not just in the aesthetic.

Q: What are some of the surprising discoveries that people make about rug hooking once they take a class, see the exhibit, etc.? Are there new trends and styles being explored in the craft that people will discover in the exhibition?

Suzanne: Most people think that rug hooking is latch hook, that synthetic kit you buy from a craft store!  They are surprised to learn that traditional rug hooking is almost two centuries old and that it very likely had its origins in North America, making it “homegrown”.  One of the most interesting aspects about the exhibit is the diversity of design, everything from folk art to geometrics to self-portraits and heritage rugs. The trends that are now being explored are “outside the box” – multimedia, highly shaded 3D subjects, fanciful designs.  All this exploration is opening up the next exciting door of rug hooking.

QHow did the exhibition come about? What can people expect to see in the exhibit? Is an exhibit of this size with this many rug hookers works rare?

Suzanne: Jason West (Director of Development for the GEHC) approached me about 18 months ago after we had worked on a previous exhibit together and asked if the GEHC could exhibit “a few hooked rugs”.  Well, a year later, 52 artists, over 1200 feet of hanging wire, and a thousand hours of combined work and “These are a few of our rugs!”

Main gallery photo of the “Off the Hook” exhibit at the Gwinnett Environmental Heritage center

An exhibit of this size and time span with these educational components is a true gift.  Many times, rug shows will be organized but only stay up for a weekend and don’t include beginner’s classes and opportunities for enrichment.  The GEHC has been a true partner in exposing this art form to a larger audience of all ages in a fabulous facility.

Q: What has organizing the exhibition entailed and how long has it be in the planning? What are some outcomes that ATHA and GEHC hope to see from the exhibition?

Suzanne: The planning stage was about 12 months.  It took over three weeks to just hang the rugs including the many exhibit cases and educational boards.  We hope to inspire new fiber artists to come forward and engage their creativity in starting the next chapter of rug hooking!

Q:  How can the public can find out about attending the exhibition?

Suzanne: The exhibit runs through June 30, 2012.  Additional information about the exhibit can be found at


Q: What has joining ATHA meant to you and your exploration of the art form?

Suzanne: Being a part of the lives of so many creative people has been a true blessing.  I find that rug hookers not only share their love of the art form but also share of their lives and their hearts.  It’s a true community built on mutual respect and a longing to “hook the next rug”!

Q: How can someone get involved in ATHA?

Suzanne: If  a person is interested in joining ATHA, they can visit or contact the Dogwood/Atlanta chapter membership chairperson, Karen Fuller at


“Felix/Kianka 50th Anniversary Rug” This rug was designed and hooked by Suzanne Holtkamp for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Q: Is there anything else that you want people to know about you, ATHA, the Exhibit or the arts in Gwinnett?

Suzanne: There have been dozens of people from the Atlanta Dogwood Chapter that have devoted countless hours to this exhibit with great enthusiasm.  These rugs are truly a part of their lives.  They are very happy to be sharing this experience with others!

But wait…there is more! In addition to her volunteer work as an exhibition organizer and her own creative pursuits, Suzanne has had an impressive professional career in advertising, finance and operations with agencies and Holtkamp Heating & Air and has been actively engaged in the community in various causes. Learn more through links to owner bios, Can Challenge and Foundation links at


Student Art Awards Are Friday

ArtWorks Gwinnett’s Student Visual Arts Awards will be held Friday, April 14, at 6:30 in the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center (opposite the lake in the same complex as the Gwinnett Arena). Students in grades K – 12 had the opportunity to be nominated by their art teachers for this prestigious recognition. Each art teacher could nominate only two students per grade, so each nominee has already achieved a high honor.

At the Awards Ceremony, ArtWorks will recognize a winner for each grade level, and also a first, second, and third place award for Elementary, Middle & High school winners.

Sponsorship & prizes for the Visual Arts Awards comes from Primerica, the Ramlose Foundation, Binders, Barefoot in the Park, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

2014 Fusion Award Winners Announced!

ArtWorks! Gwinnett held its third annual FUSION: ArtWorks! Gwinnett Art Awards Monday, February 3, at Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville.

Winners were named in 15 categories and celebrated the stellar contribution of artists, arts organizations, arts educators, and corporate supporters of the arts. The Awards Ceremony featured performances from Gwinnett artists Sounds of Suwanee, Gwinnett Ballet Theatre, and Aurora Theatre. This year’s sponsors include Primerica, Andersen Tate & Carr, Jackson EMC, Aurora Theatre, The McGarity Group, and members of the ArtWorks! Gwinnett Board of Directors. The three judges for the Awards were Gregory Burbidge, Atlanta Regional Commission; Lena Carstens, City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs; and Michael Taormina, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

Fusion Awards 2014 Nominees & Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award
WINNER: Caryn McGarity

Vision Award
WINNER: Nancy Harris
Sherry Ingbritsen
Anthony Rodriguez and Ann-Carol Pence
Wade Walthall

Arts Educator of the Year
Jaclyn Hofmann
WINNER: Clayborn Knight
Lauren Phillips
Wade Walthall

Arts Volunteer of the Year
Gwen Fulsang
Jean Harrivel
Carol Knight
WINNER: Linda Murphy

Corporate Arts Citizen- Individual
WINNER: Lisa Anders
Ann Morrow

Corporate Arts Citizen- Organization
WINNER: Peach State Federal Credit Union – Marshall Boutwell

Community Impact- Community Partnership
WINNER: Barefoot in the Park
Hudgens Center for the Arts and Georgia
Gwinnett College
Georgia Gwinnett College/Aurora Theatre
North Gwinnett Arts Association

Community Impact-Arts Leader
Sherry Ingbritsen
Ann Morrow
WINNER: Suwanee Public Arts Commission

Community Impact – Community Arts Program
Buford Community Center and the Sylvia Beard Theatre
Gwinnett County Public Library “Meet the
Author” Series
WINNER: Gwinnett County Public Library “Pulp Art” Exhibit
Hudgens Center for the Arts

Community Impact- Creative Business
WINNER: Sign Creations

Community Impact- Literary Artist
WINNER: Chanda Bell
Patricia Martin Holt

Community Impact- Performing Artist
WINNER: Chuck Mason

Community Impact- Visual Artist
WINNER: Sal Brownfield
Paul Ingbritsen

Community Impact- Visual Arts Organization
WINNER: Barefoot in the Park
Hudgens Center for the Arts

Community Impact-Performing Arts Organization
WINNER: Aurora Theatre
Eddie Owen Presents Red Clay Theatre
Fifth Row Center Community Theatre
New Dawn Theatre Company
Suwanee Performing Arts


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