• ArtWorks! Gwinnett is a Conduit for Unified Fundraising

    Artworks! Gwinnett is a conduit for corporations, private donors and public funders to make a community-wide impact on the arts in Gwinnett. Funds that are raised for programs that support and promote the non-profit arts organizations in Gwinnett are housed in The Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia.

  • ArtWorks! Gwinnett Promotes Education and Networking

    ArtWorks! Gwinnett presents and co-presents networking and educational events on a broad range of topics to assist organizations and artists to enhance their visibility, develop programs and increase audiences. Workshops, panels and presentations offer best practices for improving organizational effectiveness. A variety of peer groups and informal opportunities also provide forums for collaborations, mentoring and further professional development.

  • ArtWorks! Gwinnett Provides Increased Visibility and Resources

    As a clearinghouse for information, ArtWorks! Gwinnett provides visibility to Gwinnett arts organizations and artists by engaging the public, media and businesses through a variety of marketing and communications channels. Additionally, ArtWorks! keeps artists and arts organizations informed about industry opportunities.

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